My name is Jaan.

Something about myself?
Ok then ... My interests include:
  • data mining
  • drones
  • electronics
  • lyrics
  • numismatics
  • photography
  • robotics
  • various physical activities
  • and much more ....

Last update: August 20, 2018

Teensy LED Shield

Back in 2010 I happened to get my first hands-on experience with micro-controllers and the first one happened to be a Teensy 2.0. I built this little shield for the main purpose to figure out using EaglePCB software and also play around with different pins on the Teensy board.

This page points to the archived version of this project. Maybe one day it will be revived once again.

  • Teensy
  • schematics
  • EaglePCB
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