Posted: February 01, 2016
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Weekly roundup - Winter is almost over ...

Another week has passed and I’m no closer to the needed result with my app. To be honest, I was a bit distracted with having some health issues the past week. But this is no excuse. I must get back to writing and testing code with finally committing it to the public repository.


  • Writing - I still have mixed feeling about what to actually write and how much. I mean this is my blog, a public diary for myself more than to the greater audience. I have now started writing two simple to use tutorials for domain name systems and email setup.
  • Gaming - I found the Lego Star Wars 3 game for the Playstation Portable. This has to be one of the most addictive games that I have played lately. If only I would have more time for this …
  • Fitness - At least the weather is much warmer these days. I do enjoy the cold but I do not like to be outside for too long with temperatures reaching -20 degrees celsius. Now, that almost all snow has melted and thermometers displaying steady -4 to +4 I feel like it is time to get my running gear out from storage. Maybe even go for a short run or join the Gym.
  • Reading - I have started reading articles and diaries about personal finance with a side track of investments. I like the theory behind the concept of starting by putting 30-50 EUR aside every month in a growth account. Unfortunately, no bank offers a solution where you do not loose money, the fees are too high and people should be prepared to loose anything from 2-5% on that money.
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