Posted: January 25, 2016
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Weekly roundup - Less Social ...

I’m not a full-time developer but I have been more into developing as of lately. I have serious problems with finding programs that solve my everyday problems. This is one of those reasons that I started developing the RSVP application. There are many problems that I still need to solve and this means more time developing and learning.


  • Development - I have never started an open source application and it is very exciting for me. There are numerous tools available that are helpful in so many ways. Setting up essential developer tools for tasks like unit testing is almost like playtime for me. I have not had the possibility of playing around with this kind of stuff and thus, so I lack any results on actually developing anything.
  • Writing - I always had some trouble with writing, it is not a natural thing for me. Getting good grades at writing essays was not my thing. I was told many times in my childhood about the possibility of achieving anything if only you stick with it. Seems like this is not actually true and I can now claim that I do not have the potential to be a novelist or write poetry. For blog posts, I am trying out Hemingway editor, readability grade seems to be a winning idea for me.
  • Games - I finished Tomb Raider finally and now I’m faced with a tedious problem of what to play next? I need something new and fascinating, seems like I have to browse some markets and maybe I can find some gems.
  • Random developer problem - Query data from last week in MySQL (while Monday being treated as the first day of the week)?


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