Posted: January 11, 2016
1 minute read

Weekly roundup - Doing fine

After my 2 weeks break from counting calories and tracking my walks, I’m back to the old me and started both activities once again. I needed that break for many reasons. I firmly believe in taking holidays not only from work but also from hobbies and extracurricular activities. I spent an embarrassingly large chunk of the week watching shows on Netflix instead of actually doing anything useful. Sh*t happens …


  • Wellness/Fitness - Last week has been okay. With calorie counting, I have stayed in the green zone - Net calorie intake has been lower than the daily limitation. The cold weather has bee a problem for long walks at times, but dressing up in 4 layers of clothing and then battling -20 degrees weather seems to be a solution.
  • Fun - Have picked up lock picking as a hobby. It seems to be something worth a try and maybe I can even take part in competitions in the future.
  • Games - I have been wanting to complete Tomb Raider in the survival mode at 100%. The last bits to achieve all skills and fully upgraded weapons is a tedious process. Lessons learned: I should have done more hunting while playing the game.
  • Random thought - A week of no development activity seems like a holiday at times.
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