Posted: January 18, 2016
1 minute read

Weekly roundup - RSVP

Started 2 new projects this week and one of them is a RSVP web application. There are some really good services available online that offer even more value, like online ticketing and so forth. I did not find any acceptable apps to host myself. Some of the available apps are complicated. I need something simple. So I thought, I’ll give it a try and start an open source project of my own. Who knows, maybe it is useful to someone else as well.


  • Development - One of the started projects is RSVP. The goal is to have a simple and administrable RSVP application to host on your own servers.
  • Reading - Started reading “Mining the Social Web” by Matthew A. Russell. This is one of the topics that I have been struggling with and I really hope to get some good pointers from this book.
  • Games - Taking a short break from gaming in general. I feel like this is currently a waste of time and I have way better things to occupy my mind with. Maybe next week I’ll pick it up again.
  • Random thought - Seems like I have new priorities now … strange feeling this “being an adult” thing …
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