Posted: January 03, 2016
1 minute read

Gathering Data - December 2015

The third month of my activity tracking. I’ve done well. I only tracked daily activity until the 25th for several reasons, therefore, this stats are not complete.

Gathered Data

In December 2015: 5 days 22 hours active time tracked. I actually found some problems with the current way I do activity tracking and therefore I need to change some things regarding this.

The daily goal completion average was 105%. This is mainly because I have completed 130% or more every day until the 22nd and stopped counting completely on the 25th. There were also some days where activity level was under 40%. My Endomondo stats are good: I tracked 348.52km while walking. Once again, I just keep forgetting to track some of my walks so these stats do not really matter.

What’s next?

Still keep going. New year, new challenges. I still need to figure out the ultimate way to track daily activity in a better way.

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