Posted: December 01, 2015
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Gathering Data - November 2015

This is the second month of my activity tracking and I believe I jinxed it in the beginning of the month by saying “it is the first time I seem to be succeeding”. I still believe that I’m succeeding but not the “get 100%, every day, every time” way. So, as already hinted, I did not get my goal of 100% during November and I’m okay with it.

Gathered Data

In November 2015: 5 days 2 hours active time tracked. Only 3 hours and 56 minutes of that was high-intensity activities like running. I recorded 9 sessions, altogether 28.9 kilometers tracked with a total time of 3 hours and 35 minutes. Comparing heart rate zones with the month of October, I can honestly see very tiny advances (less time in Zone 5, more time in zone 3 and 4).

The daily goal completion average was 78%. This is the only number that I’m not happy about. I really wanted to get at least 85%. My Endomondo stats are at least better this month compared to October. I tracked 101.24km while walking compared to 49.17km in October. But I just keep forgetting to track some of my walks so these stats do not really matter.

What’s next?

Keep going. December will be a game changer because it is already too cold outside and I can not be bothered with all the thermal gear for running. Soon there will be snow and ice and slippery roads. This is becoming dangerous really quickly. I’m also not willing to spend money on running shoes with spikes.

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