Posted: November 19, 2015
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Well, I can honestly claim that I lack self-control and probably waste too much time on social networks and hobby projects. Then again, like all of us, I have more creative and less creative periods in my life. At times, I get frustrated with the amount of time I spend on social networks or other non-trivial things in life. I actually did the whole “get off Facebook” thing over a year ago and it was a brilliant experience. The dark side to this little experiment was the lack of communication with friends and therefore I’m now facing other issues resulting from this experiment.

I do not know exactly what is bothering me during this phase of life. I know I’m not happy and I need to figure out on how to get back to the old, extremely productive me. I have this weird sense of being overwhelmed. I have constantly decreased my workload for some time now. And still I can’t feel having accomplished something. Just weird.

I’m going to try something different in the next month or so. For the next 3 weeks, I do not have any day shifts at work. So this gives me the opportunity to test out living a complete night lifestyle. I know it is winter time and the lack of natural sunlight is a problem for the many people. There are food supplements with additional vitamin D that can help with that. But to have a fixed schedule even for the next 3 weeks sounds like a good plan in my head. And by a fixed schedule I mean a list of daily accomplishments that I just have to do. No matter what. But my usual being awake time will be from 8pm until 10 am. I’m honestly thinking about some form of military type daily regime, again. Imagine fixed waking up times, going to bed times and so forth. Sounds like a perfect plan, at least for the next 3 weeks or so. Maybe having some form of regularity helps.

I’ll try to keep some form of updates in this blog about the challenges and problems I’m facing.

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