My name is Jaan.

Something about myself?
Ok then ... My interests include:
  • data mining
  • drones
  • electronics
  • lyrics
  • numismatics
  • photography
  • robotics
  • various physical activities
  • and much more ....
21 May 2016
2 minute read

I happened to stumble upon an NY Times article from about 10 years ago where the topic is e-mail signatures and brush-offs. Now I am once again procrastinating on simple nonsensical issues like e-mail signatures.

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State of The Apps - Essentials in 2015
25 Oct 2015
4 minute read

At my previous job, I got asked about what applications I frequently use. While setting up a new computer I spent a lot of time evaluating previously used apps and consider only what works best for me. Here are some essential apps that I use on a daily basis.

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